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We have been serving the East Valley for over 9 years.  We are a community of liked-minded people where students and family become one and the same.  We offer over 40 classes a week with a variety of styles.  Our intention is for you to feel like you are walking into a safe haven, a home away from home, a place where you are free to be whoever you want to be. We want you to love yourself, love others and relish in life’s ups, downs, turns and curves.

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HOT YOGA [sequence]



Additional Offerings: Fundamentals & Yin Yoga

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“Great studio. Great starters package and discount for first item! Loved my instructor today! She kicked my booty...it was a great workout !!”

“I have been going to this yoga studio for about 3 three years and can't get enough of it.  The teachers are competent and inspiring, the environment is uplifting, and the class is challenging but achievable.”

“Amazing Studio! Good variety of classes and as a hot yoga studio it actually doesn't stink! Go here!!”

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